IWFM Impact Awards 2023: Can you shape a winner?

IWFM Impact Awards 2023: OPEN FOR ENTRIES - newcomer of the year / manager of the year

Mark Griffiths CIWFM, Chair of Judges IWFM Impact Awards

By now you’ll be well aware that entries for the 2023 IWFM Impact Awards are open. In this, the Institute’s 30th year, the judging team and me are looking forward to seeing the breadth and quality of this year’s hopefuls.

Formerly a Lead and now Chair of Judges for workplace and facilities management’s (WFM) most prestigious Awards, people often ask why they should enter awards and what would they get out of doing so.

There’s so much to celebrate in our field that I’m bound to champion every category but the people categories – those that spotlight individuals – are those I want to get behind this year. Stand-out professionals in our sector lift and inspire us all, so finding and ensuring we celebrate them is right up there.

So why enter?

Well, by entering you are being measured against your peers and by the leading experts in WFM that form our judging teams. Even being shortlisted boosts your profile and that of the organisation you deliver services to or for. And like the proverbial pebble in a puddle, this ripples out to your own network and to the wider industry and subject matter leads in the workplace and facilities market. The added benefit is that awards recognition can galvanise teams to deliver at an even better level.

The four individual awards have very simple criteria that will be assessed as part of your entry. Today I want to look at two in more detail:

  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Manager of the Year

In this video I explore these categories further and to help entrants and nominators, outline what the judges are expecting to see.

Newcomer of the Year

If you are typically in the first three years of your WFM career – either at the start or having joined from another sector – have a thirst for CPD and are an ambassador for the workplace and facilities profession you are the ideal entrant for this category.

Through example you’ll show your passion and commitment to WFM as your chosen career, a commitment to continuous learning, the impact and influence you’ve had in your organisation and your potential as one of tomorrow’s leaders. Because of this you’ll also have a point of view about the current state and future opportunities of the sector.

Manager of the year

Managers typically with up to seven years’ experience in WFM are perfect for this category. You can be from any background (in house, service provider, account manager). What matters is that you can show how you meet the entry criteria.

  • how you influence others, i.e., senior management, your team and other stakeholders.
  • your commitment to continuous improvement.
  • how you create a culture with both your team and your client’s environment that allows them to do their best work.

If I have sparked just one individual’s appetite for these brilliant Awards, then my work here is done.

If that spark extends to submitting an entry or nominating a colleague, we are celebrating on the 16th October all that’s great about our fantastic and diverse industry.

So go on.  Shape a 2023 winner.