IWFM Impact Awards 2023: great leadership: let’s celebrate it

IWFM Impact Awards 2023: OPEN FOR ENTRIES - Leader of the year / Outstanding contributions to workplace

Mark Griffiths CIWFM, Chair of Judges IWFM Impact Awards

In my last blog I argued the case for entering the Impact Awards. I found myself gravitating spotlighting the individual categories Newcomer of the Year and Manager of the Year.

This time I’m focusing on our leadership categories.

  • Leader of the Year
  • Outstanding Contribution

In this video I explore these categories further and to help entrants and nominators, outline what the judges are expecting to see (we’ve made things simpler).

It’s amazing how far our profession has come in the thirty years since the Institute – then BIFM – was created in 1993. The varied career I’d go on to have in FM was at its earliest stages. While there were people I really looked up to then, it would be another eight years before the first FM of the Year, Ann Hart in 2001, at the inaugural 2001 BIFM Awards.

Let’s celebrate great leadership

In the last two decades the Awards have grown in stature, alongside the workplace and facilities profession. Over that time, we have found ways to acknowledge and celebrate the excellent leadership in our profession.

Let’s explore the leadership categories in more detail.

Leader of the Year

This category recognises those exceptional individuals who make that real difference at a strategic level both to their organisation and to the workplace and facilities function. We have simplified the criteria this year. For you (or your nominee) to submit a criteria-meeting entry the judging team will want to understand how you (or they) have gone about the following:

  • influence to deliver strategy – specifically how you influence the Board, your team to deliver strategically and how you engage stakeholders.
  • understand and apply the current trends in the marketplace.
  • create a culture with both your team and your client’s environment that allows them to do their best work.

Outstanding Contribution to Workplace and FM

The genuine role models who are a leading light and inspiration to others must be sought out and celebrated! There are individuals in our sector who are driving genuine, long-lasting change, moving workplace and facilities management, its people and the perception of its impact forward.

The judges in this category want to identify the exemplars of the industry and to be satisfied, they want to see;

  • a recognised positive and profound contribution to the profession.
  • a proven track record as both an ambassador and game changer in the workplace and facilities sphere.
  • evidence of professional leadership and inspiration to others.
  • demonstrable integrity and recognition from the WFM sector as having played a key role in the profession’s advancement.
  • passion and enthusiasm to make workplace and facilities management a wished for and welcoming destination for future generations.

If your appetite has been whetted to submit an entry or nominate a brilliant leader in our sector, we are celebrating on the 16th October all that’s great about our fantastic and diverse industry.

See you there.