Impact on the Environment Finalists

The Impact on the Environment category seeks to identify and recognise innovative environmental initiatives that can objectively demonstrate the positive impact achieved for the organisation, its workplace and society at large. Entries must relate to projects, services or innovations that have been successfully implemented, for which demonstrable and evidenced benefits and outcomes can be shown. Remember, care for the environment is about more than just energy and waste management – procedures for which are now standard across many organisations. The Judges expect to see objective evidence of the practical implementation of environmentally friendly workplace and facilities management practices and their impact, including any economic and/or wider societal implications. The means of measuring the impact of the initiative implemented is down to the entrant but it should be based around a methodology that uses environmental, economic and social principles.

Lead Judge: Mike Packham

Finalists in the Impact on the Environment category at the IWFM Awards 2019 are:

Impact on the Environment Finalists - Fuel-switch

Fuel Switch: moving from Coal to Turmeric and Chilli, GSH India and Kaleesuwari

FMCG Kaleesuwari and GSH have replaced coal with biomass, including turmeric and chilli, to produce steam for Kaleesuwari’s factories in India. The results include a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 15% fall in the cost of steam, technical benefits for the plant and a boost for the local community. | @GSHGroupIndia | @KALEESUWARI

Impact on the Environment Finalists

ISO 50001, An Garda Síochána

An Garda Síochána (AGS) is the national police force of Ireland, with over 16,144 police & civilian employees serving all sections of the community. AGS is first police force in the world to achieve certification to best practice energy management standard ISO50001, resulting in energy cost savings of €5,601,501 and emissions savings of 23,630 t/CO2 in 2018 vs 2009. | @GardaInfo

Impact on the Environment Finalists - the crown estate

Future-Proofing FM at Regent Street and St James’s, Demand Logic with JLL (RSMD) and BNP Paribas Real Estate

A team from Demand Logic, The Crown Estate and its property managers have redesigned traditional approaches to facilities management. By using building systems data analytics they have collaborated to implement data-driven facilities management, targeted maintenance and a focus on integrated energy and carbon reduction across the portfolio. Improving well being and customer service as well as having a positive environmental impact.

@Demandlogicuk | @thecrownestate

Impact on the Environment Finalists - IWFM 2019

Project Ceres Plastics Reduction, ISS with a Big Four Professional Services Firm

In response to the global plastics pollution problem and feedback from a ‘big four’ professional services firm, the ‘big four’ professional services firm and ISS entered into a project partnership in 2018 to radically reduce plastic consumption across the big four professional services firms UK offices. This was achieved by cutting 7.7 million items (57 tonnes) of single use plastic per year, delivering a 91% reduction in just eight months. | @ISSUKComms