Collaboration 2023


Landsec Aspire

Sponsored by: Waste to Wonder Worldwide

Collaboration 2023

The Landsec management team discussed how it could improve on current levels of service delivery. With over 600 team members and 12 different service partners, an opportunity was identified to bring together these experts, their teams and skill sets. This would be Aspire:

  • Landsec
  • NG Bailey
  • Jaguar Building Services
  • Rapport
  • Bidvest Noonan
  • Quality and Service
  • Oryx Align
  • Not Just Cleaning (NJC)
  • Principle Cleaning Services
  • Kone
  • Otis
  • D2E

The team integrated its service streams to provide:

  • Cleaning;
  • Security;
  • Lifts and escalators;
  • IT/data:
  • Engineering;
  • Front-of-house;
  • Waste management; and
  • Landscaping services.

Results gleaned

Through data-driven KPIs, Aspire is driving forward levels of service, business performance and sustainability across operations, including helpdesk performance, footfall and energy intensity. It oversees the performance of service partners, encouraging them to continuously improve service levels for clients. Landsec’s main objective was to create a team under one umbrella that felt organic, and had a family feel to it that embraced its values: to be Bold, Driven, Inclusive and United. Services would be delivered with Landsec’s three ESG purposes – Build well, Live well and Act well – underpinning everything. Together with its Aspire Service Partners, Landsec agreed on key objectives:

  • One Team, One Purpose – create an induction showing how Landsec Aspire Service Partners work together.
  • Communicate as one team – agree on a structure that would aid the success of Aspire and find ways to communicate with all team members.
  • Create an Aspire Academy – where team members could access regular personal education and development workshops.
  • Provide volunteering opportunities – Aspire will continue its partnership with Caxton Youth Organisation, a registered youth charity based in Westminster. The partnership plans to renovate an existing residential building to provide young people from the organisation with a place to meet, socialise and learn skills to live independently.
  • Hold Aspire events – quiz nights, sports days, gaming afternoons and an annual awards ceremony.

Best practice learning

Buy-in from all service partners was key to fostering a cohesive approach. A governance strategy was agreed on. Strategic decisions were made by a steering group, consisting of managing directors from all service partners and senior management from the Landsec Workplace Operations team. Its decisions would be enacted by a board of managers from each service partner. An Aspire Ambassador was created to relay decisions to all team members. Ambassadors would ensure that everyone received communications on training, service enhancements, technology, ESG initiatives, events and volunteering opportunities.

Through its monthly magazine, ‘One’, Aspire highlights Landsec’s purposes and values – giving service partners a chance to showcase their service and keeping Landsec up to date with industry innovations. KPIs were developed to measure the standard, contractual expectations, as well as contributions to and engagement with Aspire. Landsec allocated Aspire Service Champions from the London Workplace Operations team to become the conduit and subject experts for each service stream.

In September 2022, all service partners delivered the ‘Supporting Sustainable Workplaces’ event – attended by clients both in person and online.

The Landsec Aspire Academy will add more online and classroom-based sessions. Content will be provided by Landsec and Landsec Aspire Service Partners and focus not only on work-related learning but also training to support team members in wellbeing, lifestyle and language skills.

Key quote

“Working with suppliers that were delivering a quality service left Landsec with the question, ‘How do we improve on what we are already doing?’ Management discussed how current suppliers could align more with Landsec values and purposes, move away from silo working and ultimately make Landsec the landlord of choice for customers and suppliers alike. Rather than simply asking suppliers what they could do for Landsec, Landsec turned this on its head and asked, ‘What can we do to attract and retain the best suppliers and motivate their people to deliver the best service for Landsec customers?” – Alison Currell, Senior Aspire Service Delivery Manager, Landsec Aspire