Frontline Heroes (Organisation Award) 2021


Merseyside team, VINCI Facilities

Frontline Heroes (Organisation Award) 2021

A team of 76 from VINCI Facilities Merseyside worked tirelessly during the pandemic so that the new-build 11-storey Clatterbridge Cancer Centre could open eight weeks early. The team achieved their goal while maintaining high service levels at two other sites – St Helens Hospital and Whiston Hospital – both of which were classed ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission and ‘Excellent’ by PLACE (Patient-led Assessments of the Care Environment).

 Results gleaned

VINCI Facilities has invested around £60,000 a year into developing the team, which is equivalent to about 3,340 training hours a year.

The team delivered:

  • £10.2 million of major variations at St Helens Hospital and Whiston Hospital, including the installation of a combined heat and power system, reducing emissions by 3,600 tonnes and cost by £960,000 a year; and
  • £6.654 million of social value activities.

The team grew and matured by:

  • Employing 22 new recruits to serve the needs of the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre;
  • Promoted 12 of its long-standing colleagues, which strengthened the opportunities for women within the team, with three female colleagues gaining significant new responsibilities;

The team innovated by:

  • Creating a suite of 30 training videos to train their own team and those of their clients given that many of VINCI Facilities’ external providers being closed due to the pandemic;
  • Developing a bespoke work order monitoring system called ‘VICCI’ to provide customisable, real-time, fully-automated, interactive displays with visual and auditory alerts displayed on 65” monitors in the FM offices to support the delivery of KPIs by ensuring the status of each work order is efficiently communicated.
  • Exceeding contracted works to ensure the building could be completed on time despite the restrictions created by the pandemic;
  • Providing vital resources (including scrubs, oxygen, and clinical waste facilities) for the Trust while its supply chain was restricted; and
  • Installing full-height virus-prevention screens throughout the intensive care unit.

Customer satisfaction scores reached 98 per cent.

Key learning

A successful partnership requires the service provider team to integrate seamlessly with the client’s teams.


The team’s client at Clatterbridge Hospital stated: “VINCI Facilities’ team are a shining light in the industry.”

The team’s client at St Helens Hospital and Whiston Hospital said: “VINCI’s team – from the managing director to the engineers on the ground – have shown a commitment to the partnership and the NHS that we will never forget.”