Innovation in Products and Services 2018


Innovation Gateway, managed by 2degrees

Innovation in Products and Services 2018

With a focus on collaboration and sharing data and best practice, the Innovation Gateway is an alliance of organisations including Tesco, Heathrow, RBS, Kingfisher Unite Students, Nottingham City Council and the University of Edinburgh. The alliance has created a service, managed by 2degrees, to improve sourcing, selecting and validating technology and innovations to reduce operational costs and the environmental impact of buildings.

The Innovation Gateway operates by running two programmes in a year, with each identifying the common challenges faced by organisations and the sectors in which they operate. It explores and selects the best technologies and innovative solutions available, and manages the risk of their implementation as well as the optimisation of ROI.

Sharing risk makes economic sense but also overcomes the reluctance to innovate.

An example of how the alliance works is when RBS trialled an additive called Endotherm to make its wet heating systems more efficient. After tracking 10-15 per cent energy reductions, RBS shared the information with the alliance after which Heathrow implemented the same innovations. It saw 11-16 per cent savings in three months.

Beyond cutting back operational costs in energy, water and waste, the Innovation Gateway maintains its partners will reap the rewards of improved reputation as socially and environmentally conscious organisations, while helping to promote a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy.

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This Award recognises the product or service that through its development and utilisation has had the most positive impact on facilities management provision.