Innovation in Technology and Systems 2018


Digital FM – The New Era, Emaar Facilities Management LLC

Innovation in Technology and Systems 2018

Most people know it as the tallest human-made structure in the world, but for those in FM and property services consider the Burj Khalifa a benchmark of success in smart buildings.

At over 2,715 feet tall spanning 163 floors, the Burj Khalifa comprises 5.67 million square feet with 300,000 square feet for office space and 1.85 million square feet for residential space.

Owned by property developer Emaar Group, the Burj Khalifa is maintained Emaar Facilities Management, but specifically Emaar Asset Management (EAM) which has four core objectives:

  • Optimising Opex;
  • Enhancing customer service and customer satisfaction;
  • Promoting excellence in FM services; and
  • Educating staff and improving the work environment.

To achieve these, EAM partnered with a technology firm to develop a new maintenance methodology underpinned by the Internet of Things with knowledge of building ecosystems.

The transformation shifted traditional planned and preventative maintenance into predictive maintenance by connecting the HVAC sensors to the building’s cloud platform. Data is analysed in the cloud by sophisticated algorithms and major successes include improved asset management and increased longevity, as well as reduced Opex and optimised Capex.

Major achievements include asset availability greater than 99.55 per cent and asset reliability at 95.97 per cent, as well as 15 per cent reduction in unplanned maintenance and 40 per cent in maintenance hours.

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