Impact on Society 2017

The winner of the Impact on Society Award is an example of how excellent facilities management contributes to the fabric of society. The winner has shown that an FM initiative can benefit individuals, groups or communities as an outcome.

Sustained impact on society has been created, evolved and delivered during the last five years and has had social impact as well as an environmental legacy.


> Recycling Lives


Recycling Lives is one of the fastest-growing waste management companies in the UK thanks to its ability to provide “soft” facilities management solutions and a “one-stop- shop” solution to its clients, including increasing diversion from landfill, reducing risks, meeting compliance, maximising budgets and providing tangible CSR initiatives to clients via its charitable activities.

The charity is a social welfare charity that works to rehabilitate offenders through a variety of schemes, including supporting employment and accommodation to tackle homelessness and redistributing food to deliver surplus food to those in need in order to tackle food poverty.

In 2015/16, Recycling Lives delivered more than £4.1 million of social value within the UK, thanks to the buy-in and support of its clients, and maintains a commitment to creating social value equal to or greater than 10% of Recycling Lives Ltd.’s annual sales.


> Apleona, GVA and Cherry Tree Shopping Centre, Health on the High Street


Apleona’s CSR initiative “Health on the High Street” at Cherry Tree Shopping Centre is a well-deserved runner up in this category for its community-focused scheme to bring greater social benefits within a retail environment.

The partnership between Wirral NHS Trust and Well on Wirral (WOW) transformed Cherry Tree Shopping Centre in Liscard, Wallasey, into “more than just s shopping” destination to help improve the health of the Wirral region’s inhabitants, where the most deprived residents have a life expectancy of 12 years less than the inhabitants of the less deprived areas.

The Centre now offers health advice, social support and weight checks, replacing many of the services that have been cut by the local hospital and further build on the services the community need the most.